20 December 2014

Sephora Party Color Hit Xmas Nail Polish Set

I bought another Nail Polish Xmas Box Set from Sephora. Yup..another one. Hahaha like I couldn't get enough nail polish to fill my cabinet. This round was Sephora own brand of nail polish.

This was not the first time I tried Sephora Nail Polish. I found it quite okay. What I like most about it was the easy appliance with wide brush and only 1 coat was normally enough. However it was quite easy to get chipped compare to other reputable brands. So do remember to apply a good top coat to protect it (eg Seche Vite or HK Girl).

Price wise, RM26.00 for 10ml. Expensive?? No. But definitely not considered cheap since it was only 10ml.

My friend bought this set for me as Sephora was having a 1 day special promotion for this set. Like literally whatsapp her immediately when I saw Sephora post the promotion on it Facebook. Luckily it was before her lunch time! Original price was RM139, reduced to RM89. Pretty cool price for 11 bottles of nail polish and 1 piece sheet of nail tattoos. So average was RM8/- per bottle.

The box colors was (start from upper left) :-
Green Revolution, Trick & Treat, Animal Instinct, Midnight, Sugar Coated, Cherry Popsicle, (lower left) Eccentric, Starry Night, Pink Paradise, Gold Fever (top coat) and 5th Avenue.

Then the nail tattoos sheet which I loved it very much! The deer head was super cool. Simple but eccentric when you combined it with grey or pink nail polish. But do excused my photo as it was taken after I used a few pattern.

More detail photos of the nail tattoos. 

It has a tutorial book also for 12 patterns which honestly I didn't fancy much.

Well, overall it suit the holiday season. Hahaha now my nails were very colourful and pretty blink blink with the gold glitter top coat. Awesome xmas feel!

02 December 2014

Mini Mani Manor - Ciate London Advent Calendar 2014

Yooooo I bought an early xmas present to myself! lol. Honestly festive season always an excuse for me to buy more stuff! 

But when I saw the email sent from Sephora on this box, ok woh. RM156 for total of 22 pieces Mini size (5ml) , 1 full size of Ciate London Nail polish and a piece of nail art sticker.

Not bad right? The colour were pretty festive with lotsa glitter polishes throw in.

Then the box was super cute and with every "window", a simple message was written. Since it was a advent calendar, haha maybe you could paint one colour on each day, start the countdown till Xmas! 

I haven't try a single one yet, but thinking use it (solely) to join the Dec 14 Nail Art at Instagram. C how la, worry later got too busy with works...then everything kapus again. Eish. Anyway the idea was fun. #superexcited 

Then with a purchase over RM120 (member), you  entitled a stamp for the Sephora Xmas Card. 2 stamps earned you a lucky draw gift and 4th for Sephora pouch and 6nd for the Sephora Bag. The promotion was running from 20/11 to 24/12. So quick quick go collect if you planning to buy xmas presents from Sephora.

But then since I writing this blog, let me rant abit. Actually I basically want to boikot the Sephora. Nothing big issue, just due to my own sensitivity (I was trying to be nice here).

When Sephora opened it's shop at KL, I was overly excited. I loved their concept, and the products they carried. I was not exactly a customer, basically I just run in, swatches few nail polish and be gone. So I have zero interaction with its girls. After that I started to made purchases, and later joined their member... then the problem arose. Lotsa promotion was carry on by Sephora from time to time. And I so envied some bloggers talking about the few gifts given during the promotion.. but when I went, to be specified, during the few months promotions on the Merdeka promotion. I got nothing, even the shops was not prepared for it. Then the whole scanning shit thing with the black card events, I was more piss off. How kiasu as I am, I'm still a customer to entitle to whatever shit you should be given to every single customer who patron your shop.

Hahaha I think I rant abit about it on certain blogger FB page. Truly sorry for that. 

Even for this Xmas card promotion, I have to specify asked for it during payment time. Seriously??? If a company was having the promotion, why its girl never takes the initiative to promote it?? You got tonne of them walking around, lepaking or even chitchatting among themselves. Everytime I have to ASK! Mean I have todo my research before I leave my door! For godsake, if you just want to have some gimmick to attract the customer to your shop then later totally ignore the promotion items, it was totally a pathetic marketing strategy.

Ohh I did want to clarify certain thing, beside the very obvious ignorance of the promotion by the girls Or the lack of effort. They were never rude to me, they were nice, no roll eyes or angry look given... some were even very helpful. So this was very weird. I dunno about others.. where they facing the same frustration like me? or just me only? Alone? Maybe. #supersad

Sorry for my blog, I realized 70% of it was written bcos I just want to rant! #bepositived

Anyhow back to the Ciate London. If you never try Ciate London (which was pretty good product but expensive due to Forex conversion), do buy this box set, totally worth it. Who needs full size if you just painting your nail for fun!

29 November 2014

Fujifilm Instax Printer SP-1

Firstly I would like to mention that this printer was not mine, I borrowed it from one of my ex-colleague.

I just want to rant certain issue and highlighted few points for those who wish to buy.

But I no expert. Just sharing my experience using it only. However I totally open to suggestions and tips, cos my ex-colleague until now still has trouble to print the perfect photo. So am I!! lol

Anyhow I did plan to buy it, but then I didn't realize the price tag was RM500++ . Retail RM690, but online mostly offered ranging from RM520 to RM580 with free film.

I think if you top up another rm200 you can purchase a much decent normal photo printer. So why choose this one instead??

Here was some minor features. 

The lights indicated the number of instax film left and the battery level.
No cartridge needed as the concept like Polaroid Camera, the ink was from the film. 

The battery. It has the charger included..but my ex-colleague left it out when she loan the camera to me. 

You just need to download an app "Instax Share" and you are good to go.

However do edit your photos in your handphone or pc first, cos the app doesn't have much edit choices. 

So here was my dilemma, my biggest frustration using it was the photo printout result.

This was a Instax Printer, so the print out should be like Instax Polaroid Camera.

Why I said "should be" cos I was using my photos taken by handphone and normal camera. So getting the same "photos" was not a easy fest.

Either the photo printout too light or the colour too dull. I tried to edit it to High Contract, High Saturation, it came out funny. If no edit, lagi teruk, the colour was flat.

So at the end, I changed it to Lomo effect. And with no filter. *once choose intelligence filter, the effect look brighter, Nice on the phone, but suck when printed (too bright!). lol

But my sample below was with Intelligence Filter.

I asked my ex-colleague why she want to buy it considering the price was not cheap. I mean why not just purchase a Polaroid Camera, since RM500+ can get a very good one and cuter. 

Here was the reasons she gave me :-
1. Can print out a same photo repeatedly, especially gathering time, few friends want the same piece. Plus you can edit it before send for printing.
2. Easy to use, no cable needed - with WiFi function to connect the printer
3. Portable and small - can carry it out and put in a handbag.
4. Can print photos taken by Handphone or normal camera.
5. No cartridge needed

No argument on the above points. 

However here was my "Cons"
1. Expensive considering 1 film cost at least RM2.20 (if you could get one box of film at RM22)
2. The printout can only tuned to Lomo effect. I saw online with very sharp and nice normal photo, but sorry lor, after trying for at least 10 photos, I still couldn't get the best print.
3. Price of the printer - this was my major turnoff.
4. No idea why, but I do prefer those instant printout from Polaroid Camera, way nicer. Especially the lighting.

Back to back, my major frustration was the print, if I could edit the photo to match the printer, I would love to own one, but until then, Nah. Ende. 

Merry Xmas to All in advance! HoHoHoHo!

25 October 2014

Halloween Nail Art (2014)

A very simple nail art I done. Hahahah it was not my design. I copy it from a online tutorial. 

Super simple. I basically done it in 20min. LoL. Since I was rushing for midnight movie. So the mani was covered without top coat which was fine with me since the OPI  black colour I used was Satin base. 

Photo courtesy from The Idea King (Facebook)

The nails tool I used, from Left ; Thefaceshop Black Nail Pen, O.P.I "My Boyfriend Scales Wall",O.P.I "4 In the Morning" and YCY Nail Art Stripping Brush in Bottle.

I found 2 more simple design. So Happy Trying!! & Happy Halloween!!

04 September 2014

Butter London colour swatches

Butter London
This was my first purchase of Butter London. Yeeeeah. #pathetic lol 

Butter London is origin from UK. Currently I think in Malaysia only Sephora is carrying this brand. Price RM54-RM57 for nail lacquer.

I managed to grab 4 bottles during the recent Sephora Merdeka promotion of 2 for RM57.00 

Hmm I seldom do colour swatches. Cos felt it abit wasting polish. Like I have to literally wash it in a min after the photo shooting. I tried to paint one colour in a week..so later thought compile the photos later on. Sadly I'm not a very discipline person..so most of the time, I forgot about it jor. lol

But I have fun doing it. So plan todo it on weekly basis. #superexcited 

So here is the colour swatches. 

These are 11ml (4 fl oz) and are "3 Free" Aka No Formaldehyde, No Toluene and No DBP. (I think its todo with cancer causing chemicals). 

Butter London Brush

It's brush is smaller and thinner compare to OPI. Which is great to me, since I have a very small finger nail. Make applying so much easier.

Thanks for reading (^^)

02 September 2014

Nails Inc. Denim Effect box set

Recently bought few nail polishes from Sephora during its Merdeka Promotion. One of it was the Nails Inc Denim Effect box set. 

I was really intrigued on the Denim lookalike Nail Polish colour. Wondering the effect really as nice as advertised.

So here is the box set item. Not much. But for Price RM31.00. Reasonable la. 

All the stuff found in the box.

The instruction on the box.
The ingredients details

With one coat only, the colour was really solid jor. Not bad at all!
Ops sorry. After done the nail art design , only remember to take photo on colour alone. So here were the 2 finger nail b4 nail art and 2 with Matte top coat finish.

I din't manage to use their nail glue bottle. Cos the bottle cap was super tight! Anyhow used mine.. and tadah.. here is my Mani for the denim effect nail polish. FYI the bottom of the bottle written :bermondsey No. 133. 

A simple mani. 
The nail stuff that I used to create this mani
From Left : White Nail pen, OPI Matte Top Coat and the Nails Inc. Denim Effect polish.

Honestly I do loved it. Easy to apply and with only 1 coat..save alot ler! But not fancy with the star stud. I have tonne of it.

Have fun with it if you decided to buy it.

06 July 2014

OPI - 4 In The Morning swatches

Yeah! I finally bought this colour. Saw it few months before but eeeee dunno why wait until now only bought it. It is one of the nail polish under Gwen Stefani's OPI collection.

The colour is black shimmer with satin coat. Dry super fast compare to usual nail polish. Then finishing likes matte feel. So don't make a mistake like me, put a top coat on it! Ya.... ended up it look like any black. A flat black. Wasted!

This is without any top coat. The shimmer is not that obvious if you just glance thru. The satin finish really give a touch of elegant.  

Hmm actually I done a 2 coat and a 4 coat to show you a different. Sadly my camera skill is really bad, hahaha cos both look the same! Darn! Anyway the 1-2 coat can give a lighter black ..like dark grey colour. I think the photo below look better on the comparison. 

Love it! Ya, have to repeat the statement to convince myself of every ringgit I spent on it. Mum just scold me for buying too much nail polishes! Sad... and I failed to hide any new collection anymore jor. Now I basically just put it on my coffee table since my nail rack too full ! I really have to make a trip to Ikea to buy the Helmet drawer cabinet.... But thinking to wait for Spotlight to open on next week at Ampang Point. Who's know they have a better option for my nail polish..plus I too chicken to ask my ex-boss to made a nail polish wall rack for me. lol

28 May 2014

Colourful gradients leopard nail art

This was done on the day of our Malaysia Team's final battle with Japan for Thomas Cup.

Yup.. at first I was preparing to create a Thomas Cup nailart.... But sadly after 2nd Match, was too disappointed to do so jor. Cos chances to win the Cup was getting lesser and I didn't want later the nail art remind me of the sad day.

So I done a simple mani art for Mum instead.. just to "distract" me to shout #$%^& at the TV!! LOL

Leopard pattern was quite norm in nail art world. But honestly I never done it before. Yet it was super simple todo.

For the base I combined few colours to make the gradient more colourful. Sponge it and later add in the leopard pattern.

Quite happy with the result. But hate the cleaning part of the sponge effect. As you can see from the photo, I done a terrible job of cleaning the sides. (~_~)

Happy trying!

The products I used, Pink, Yellow, Orange and blue nail lacquer was TheFaceShop which including the black nail pen. The apple green was bought from recent Beauty Fair @ KLCC and the mini orange nail lacquer was OPI - from James Bond set. And lastly the sponge that I used to create the gradient effect.