26 March 2014

Scratch mani box again!!

The content of the Mani Box

Yes, I subscribed the Scratch's Mani box again. Hahaha think I'm too addicted to it jor.

This month featured Luanna Perez-Garreaud, a fashion stylist and a blogger for a popular style blog LeHappy.

This month mani box was pretty generous. Beside studs, a mini polish and a ring were included. I love the Color Club nail lacquer, it was smooth and the colour was very vivid. Hehe after put it on, I suddenly want to paint a galaxy on top and pair it with the La Lune nail wrap.

A beautiful velvet blue from Color Club nail lacquer #1001 Williamsburg
The nail polishes I used to create the galaxy nail art. Small cut-off sponges to dab the colours. But mine was makeup sponge which was not too suitable for the desired effect. 

I google a tutorial at Youtube (which have hundreds of choices!) and found one pretty simple to follow by #Zombiekitty
Tatadah! My end result of the Galaxy nail art. Ok mah? It was quite easy todo, just simply use the sponge to layer the colours to create a nebula effect

Final result : Galaxy Nail Art with The Scratch 's nail wrap. 

I got featured again! So happy.

To Subscribe the Mani box :-
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