27 November 2013

Smoothie Sweetie nail art

Super Cute mah??? lol

The smoothie was the nail wraps I got from Scratch's mani box.

The rest was just spontaneous created to match the colours.

As usual top and base coats was using OPI, all the nail polish (Basic Colour) was The Face Shop, except the glitter polish by Etude House "If the white witch".

The ribbon studs I bought eon ago at Pasar Malam.

Enjoy trying!

**sorry another delayed post** 

Awesome box by Scratch

Scratch Mani box
"makers of awesome, design-focused nail wraps"

Finally I received my most anticipated beauty box mani box!!

Actually I supposed to receive it b4 27th (Oct la, so this is a very delayed post!), but thanks to our fk pos msia (okay just my office area branch), the box came late! It was sent out on 11th. I only received it after 28th Oct.

Okay, like beauty box concept, u subscribe it, every month u will receive a mani box fill with nail wraps, studs, charms and one surprise gift from the featured artist.  

With one time payment aka given yours credit card details, they will charge u on every 27th for the next month box. However they will send the details of next month nail wraps design beforehand for u to think think,  whether u like it or not. 

If u don't,  Skip It aka they won't bill u;
or Gift It; they bill u but post it to your friend;
If u choose todo nothing aka no reply the mail, they will charge your credit card and receive the box on next month. 

I thought it is a great idea, as I have the option to un-subscribe it whenever I want and reorder it without having to fill up the payment details again.

Most importantly,  everything it is about manicure!! But only nail wraps oh. Since nail wraps is much easier to apply compare to painting. Plus doing both side of hands is a torture!! I usually just paint my right hand only (since I'm left-handed), cos it would be a total mess for left hand nails.

But with nail wraps, u can do both hands in ease! 

The Content - this month surprise gift is the tattoo
The nail wraps for Oct 2013 box

The nail wrap quality is totally very good. Normally those in the market, u will have to trim it with Nail File. 

But with this nail wrap, u just need to pluck it off with you finger..pull the nail wrap on you nail nicely and pluck it. It came off easily. No joke!