20 December 2013

Christmas Nail Art

My Xmas nail art was created spontaneous, after I saw a competition held by #madamluck at Instagram last week. Pretty sad when I failed to be selected as one of the 15 Finalists. *sobsob*

Anyway there were lotsa awesome entries, super creative and very fine artwork. Arrrh I wish my nails was longer to enable me to draw more elaborate design :(

You can view the designs at hashtag #madamlucksmerrychristmas.

Here is the 15 Finalists' design. Impressive right!! 

Better luck next time then. (^^)

14 December 2013

ModelsOwn Colour Swatch

I bought a Duo Nail Polish and a Nail Art Pen from Luxola.com when they were having Cyber sales of 35%. Pretty good deal if u ask me. So do sign up their newsletter if u haven't done so, since they always have an on&off promotion and special gifts upon purchase.

The Duo colour I bought is Jade Flakes, combination of Jade Stones (NP083) and Snowflakes (NP145). 

I love the Jade Stones, with only One coat, it gave a solid jade colour.  So it compensated the small bottle. 

However I was disappointing with the Snowflakes. I failed to achieve a perfect coat with it glitter. If I put more than 2 coats, it gave alot of small bubbles. Really frustrated with it. When I paint it on a clear surface, the effect was still okay, however on top of Jade coat, errrr it was abit disaster.

I like a duo nail polish, cos it is cheaper! I mean 2 colours for a price of 1 bottle. I hardly can finish a full size unless it is a basis colour. But I don't like to buy a small bottle, cos u will ended up with a small brush which it is quite troublesome to apply.

So definitely I will buy other colours in future, but currently most of range were sold out, so wait for Luxola.com to re-stock la.

For the Nail Art Pen, I bought the gold. Other colours available are Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Silver. 

It has the fine brush and a thin nib pen. I prefer the thin nib, since it's easy to maneuver.  

The flow was good, however they were a fews clogging events...but with a light pumping on the body, the flow came back smoothly.

I wish they included a thin needle, just in case a serious clog happened on the nib.

I used to buy those cheap nail pen at Pasar Malam, like 3 pens for RM10. But errr, they dry up too fast. Maybe 3-4 times usage, it was gone case jor. :(

So far the pen hasn't disappointed me yet, haha but maybe too early say now. However it is a good choice to me. 

U can get the nail polish from Luxola.com.

Delivery is free when u purchase more than RM40. Delivery time based on my experience is from 4-5 days.

Currently Luxola.com is having a Xmas promotion, a different free gifts for every day for purchase over RM110.00.

Selected free gift for 15.12.2013

Enjoy shopping!

04 December 2013

Giveaway by Craft Passion!

OMG u guy should totally join this Giveaway or at least visit her blog. 

She has tonne of free tutorials of craft handiwork with detail photos and instructions. So far I have tried one only, the simple shopping bag. Hehe result oklar, but really looking forward to make the zipper card pouch and the macaroon coin pouch (as per photo of The Star).

Actually I just got to know her thru The Star, she was featured on 11th Sept 2013.  Trained as an Engineering yet has spare time doing crafts, beside taking care of her 2 children. Really salute her dedication!

In total there will be 20 giveaways,  so try your luck! And pray pray I'll win! Hahah dream also can mah ♥

Ohh almost forgot, here is the link. Good Luck!

02 December 2013

Angel nail art

I brought few large sheet of water based nail sticker from taobao at dirt cheap price. 

I'm not sure how to justify the quality.  But it was easy to put on and the colour was vibrant. So I think that is good enough jor.

This was my first time using the water based sticker. And I was quite satisfied with the result. Nice right? hehe *Shameless*

Haha after all done baru remember to take photo.
Instructions :-
1) cut off those design u want, around the edges will do
2) soak it in a bowl filled with water. But remember to peel up the top transparent sheet first. 
3) wait till the pattern separated with it base paper. Basically the paper will sink to the bottom of the bowl while the sticker will float on top
4) put it on the nail and press it with your finger
5) clean the water excess with a cloth/cotton.
6) press it with a pusher tool thoroughly.  
7) coat it with top coat

For base coat, I used the Sally Hansen's Hard As Nail (I just done the review). Gradient blue by The Face Shop, they still the cheapest nail polishs I like and they do have a huge range on the basic colours. Top coat by Seche Vite's Dry Fast Top Coat which I got it from Scratch mani box.

Once upon a time, I spent a fortune todo manicure done by a professional (so called) using the almost same sticker, she claimed the sticker was made in Japan, so mean better quality. However not even 2 days, all the sticker peel off! I think she was abit stingy on the top coat. It was even a Gel Nail which suppose to last for 1 month! I was then fk angry but seeing her just started her own business, so suin la.

So I hope mine can last for a week, at least! But I think with a generous amount of top coat, it will stay intact beautifully ♥♥

01 December 2013

Sally Hansen nail care

I saw a Sasa's post at FB where they are having a weekend sales last week.

There are a list of items of Sally Hansen on 30% sales.

I was actually debating which one to buy, Hard As Nail Wrap Gel or Miracle Care for Severe Problem Nail. But since I really do need something as a base to make my nails stronger, so I bought the 1st one, cheaper also. Hehe

Gel Cuticle Remover - RM21 after 30% discount
Hard As Wrap - RM28 after 30% discount.

Gel cuticle remover was easy to use, just apply it around the cuticle, wait for 1-2 min,  push the cuticle away and lastly wash the excess with warm and soapy water. It was formulated with Jojoba and Kiwi extract and Wheat Protein,was suppose to condition and loosen the dry cuticle.

Hard as nail lagi easy, apply 1 coat on your nail. 1 coat is very sufficient jor.

I'm not satisfied with the cuticle remover. It doesn't clean up my cuticle nicely. It advised not to use it more than twice. 

However the Hard as nail is totally effective.It's a very powerful acrylic to strengthen the nail. And very fast dry also. So u can skip those acrylic gel coat and UV light nail dryer. A beautiful innovation isn't it? 

Hopefully with it, I can start to have longer nails ♥