20 May 2013

Black & White Glitter and Checker Nail Art

I done a Colour Gel mani with diamonds at the Beauty Expo last sat for RM20/-. Yup, dirt cheap. However I didn't like the outcome, too plain. As you can see, the silver colour was kind of transparent.

10 May 2013

Bunny Nail Art

I saw lotsa diy animal pattern online. So I decided to try one of them yesterday night, from 11pm till wee hour of 2am. Hubby already snoozeeeeeee jor. Haha ignore the number of hours I had taken, cos in between I was watching a movie (or 2). See how unconcentrated I am!

Bunny! Super cute. But on my finger nail... hmm hard to praise my work.
Cos from cute bunny, I painted a very cheeky looking one.