06 July 2014

OPI - 4 In The Morning swatches

Yeah! I finally bought this colour. Saw it few months before but eeeee dunno why wait until now only bought it. It is one of the nail polish under Gwen Stefani's OPI collection.

The colour is black shimmer with satin coat. Dry super fast compare to usual nail polish. Then finishing likes matte feel. So don't make a mistake like me, put a top coat on it! Ya.... ended up it look like any black. A flat black. Wasted!

This is without any top coat. The shimmer is not that obvious if you just glance thru. The satin finish really give a touch of elegant.  

Hmm actually I done a 2 coat and a 4 coat to show you a different. Sadly my camera skill is really bad, hahaha cos both look the same! Darn! Anyway the 1-2 coat can give a lighter black ..like dark grey colour. I think the photo below look better on the comparison. 

Love it! Ya, have to repeat the statement to convince myself of every ringgit I spent on it. Mum just scold me for buying too much nail polishes! Sad... and I failed to hide any new collection anymore jor. Now I basically just put it on my coffee table since my nail rack too full ! I really have to make a trip to Ikea to buy the Helmet drawer cabinet.... But thinking to wait for Spotlight to open on next week at Ampang Point. Who's know they have a better option for my nail polish..plus I too chicken to ask my ex-boss to made a nail polish wall rack for me. lol