27 May 2017

Modern Lettering with watercolour bird wreath


Since like ages I wrote something with nibs pen. 

I'm not really good with calligraphy, I consider myself a beginner but I truly loved the easy flow of the flexible nibs. I wish I was introduced with this type of nibs during my school years, then I might be an expect now! Lol. 

"Coming together is a beginning
  Keeping together is a progress
  Working together is a success"
By Henry Ford

Stumpled upon this quote while watching Criminal Minds (Season 11)

I used Brause Extra fine 66 nibs for this meaningful quote. Bought it from Stickerrific.com., an online art store in Malaysia. 


It's really flexible and ahem fragile. Lol. Cos it bend so easily, I'm bit worry it will break off. Actually I think I did broke it cos at the end of this handwriting, the ink was stuck. 🤦🏼‍♀️


Honestly I am truly un-creative. But no shame on it. #takmalu

Cos there is tonne and tonne of beautiful creation can be found online, especially Instagram and Pinterest!


Loved this (@estherpeck at IG) but didn't really want to spend too much time on the bird. 

So later found this. Perfect for simple wreath I planned. But I paint 2 birds instead of one. As Chinese fengshui said, everything must be in pair! Lol


And this ! Simple design that I don't think I can go wrong with it. Hehe (Both from Pinterest under watercolour flower wreath search)


Tadah! A midnight drawing to cure my insomnia. 💆🏻

24 May 2017

Ombré gel nail with dried flower mani

I have been delaying of buying gel nail to try. I normally visit nail salon if I want get gel nail for special occasion likes holiday or cny. Cos I have no knowledge and gelnail seem needed lotsa equipment compare to normal nail polish.

However  recently I really loved the chrome effect, so invested a sum on it, but since they are UK products, so it was freaking expensive! So sad cos our ringgit currency deflated so much this few years. Anyhow Now I am hooked on the gelnail (but not the acrylic one la), so went to google malaysia online store for a cheaper option. 

Buying from Taobao is pretty troublesome since most of them do not accept international logistics, so I have to appoint an agent to ship it. I seriously don't really want to go thru the trouble and also the long waiting period.

Therefore I was pretty ecstatic when found www.blingnailheart.com! Yay to me! Lol.

Their product listing is pretty cheap. Most probably a china products, but don't bother la. Ohh the website is in Chinese, and even the fb customer service (the boss?) converse in Chinese also. She is very helpful, tried to reply in English or left voice msg to me when I told her "sorry I dunno Chinese 😔" 

Anyway selected few products to try (They have tonne of range!).


All these cost below rm200. FYI a pro gelnail colour can easily cost at least rm100 per bottle if it's a Japan brand or UK brand.


The colours I bought! Lol. Either blue or red. 2 is the dried flower gelnail. 


Loved the dried nail. But found it pretty hard to dig out the flower only. Hahaha same problem I faced whenever I used glitter nail polish. 😒


Accessories. Dunno what I will do with the frame. But since it's cheap. Just buy la. 🤣


This is a must have product (RM28) Tool to get the ombré effect. It's very easy to use and give you a very clean ombré result. 


Tadah! My ocean ombré gel nail art. 

Product I used :-

Base - Missu Beauty (UK)
Strengthener - Missu Beauty (UK)
1st coat - Nude colour gel no. NC08 (RM8)
2nd-4th coat - Che gel no. LV030 (blue colour) (RM16)
Ring finger nail - dried flower blue colour (RM8)
Top cost - Missu Beauty (UK)

Closer look of the dried flower.

Overall quite happy with the result. Hopefully the products I just bought can last long! Eventhough they are cheap la.

Thanks for reading!

21 May 2017

Printer Friendly Shrinking Paper - Diy keychain

My first attempt using the printer friendly shrinking paper to made a keychain.

Using my own drawing of recent Hokkaido piece, printed it using LaserJet printer (ahem asked friend for favor cos my printer is bit lousy).

Maybe the paper I used was a transparent type, bit surprised with the result - super light.

My optimum size for a keychain is 6-7cm. Cos after baking, it would shrinked by 60% at least.

After painfully cutting thru all. Lol


All done. They look lighter cos bear in mind, it's a transparent sheet. If you put them on a white paper, they look much define. 


On a baking tray, if u have a flat one, it is definitely a better choice compare to my uneven one.

Oven temperature ? Up to you, so long it get hot. I put 200.

Once it changed aka shrinking to a smaller one, off the oven immediately. If leave it too long, it will burn!  


See how much they have shrinked! 


Then quickly take if off and press it flat with any tool you can find. If you have a flat surface tray, I think you can skipped this step. Cos mine got bit crooked after leaving it to cool off on the tray.  

After baked. The bottom far right 2 charms had burned! 😖😖 my precious Teacup! 

I twisted my drawing to few different filters, that why some came out a bit dark. 


And final step, glaze! I actually doesn't mind the matte finishes. But they need a protection layer, if not they would easier get dirty. They are so prompt to dirt. Lol. 


After the 3 coats of glaze. The colours got more definite. But definitely don't look glossy la 🤔.


The back view! I like this side more. Lol.


The accessories to create a keychain. 


Sorry for the lousy photo. I never good at taking photo. 😅😅

  1. Printer friendly shrinking paper - Bought from www.malaysiaclayart.com
  2. Oven - any oven will do, but please don't use the same one for food making. 
  3. Keychain accessories - all bought cheaply from Taobao.com  
  1. Printer sheet - definitely use a good printer with high resolution. Unless your pattern is simple. Mine was complicated detailed drawing, that why lousy printer as my own only produced one big flat lump of colours. Lol. 
  2. Oven temperature - high temperature -> short baking time.
  3. ..however if it's too short, you won't achieve a transculent effect for the back surface. 
  4. Pressed flat while it is still hot.
  5. Glaze it for at least 3 coats to have a definite finishes.
Thanks for reading! And have fun trying!