16 September 2013

Tree of Life

I done this a week ago, aiks seem that I got tonnes of delayed posts YET posted. LOL
Anyway, a simple nail art. I suppose this one I can called it my design. Hehe eventhough if u google Tree nail art, tonnes of diff pattern found.
The base colour was OPI Stranger Tides, I received it from Thelilacbox 's box 4.

The rest was using a fine brush and tube colour which I bought ages ago, but hardly use it. 10colours for RM15. Very lasting on the nails.
But no photo la, too lazy to take any. Maybe next round ^^


Anonymous said...

wow...that's nice! I think you really have the patience to draw them. Most of all... you have steady hands ;-)

maggie woo said...

Thanks Mel!

I dont have steady hand!! lol.

connie kkn said...

Maggie, you are forever so artistic!!!

maggie woo said...

Connie, tq for ur kind words. Haha