24 May 2017

Ombré gel nail with dried flower mani

I have been delaying of buying gel nail to try. I normally visit nail salon if I want get gel nail for special occasion likes holiday or cny. Cos I have no knowledge and gelnail seem needed lotsa equipment compare to normal nail polish.

However  recently I really loved the chrome effect, so invested a sum on it, but since they are UK products, so it was freaking expensive! So sad cos our ringgit currency deflated so much this few years. Anyhow Now I am hooked on the gelnail (but not the acrylic one la), so went to google malaysia online store for a cheaper option. 

Buying from Taobao is pretty troublesome since most of them do not accept international logistics, so I have to appoint an agent to ship it. I seriously don't really want to go thru the trouble and also the long waiting period.

Therefore I was pretty ecstatic when found www.blingnailheart.com! Yay to me! Lol.

Their product listing is pretty cheap. Most probably a china products, but don't bother la. Ohh the website is in Chinese, and even the fb customer service (the boss?) converse in Chinese also. She is very helpful, tried to reply in English or left voice msg to me when I told her "sorry I dunno Chinese 😔" 

Anyway selected few products to try (They have tonne of range!).


All these cost below rm200. FYI a pro gelnail colour can easily cost at least rm100 per bottle if it's a Japan brand or UK brand.


The colours I bought! Lol. Either blue or red. 2 is the dried flower gelnail. 


Loved the dried nail. But found it pretty hard to dig out the flower only. Hahaha same problem I faced whenever I used glitter nail polish. 😒


Accessories. Dunno what I will do with the frame. But since it's cheap. Just buy la. 🤣


This is a must have product (RM28) Tool to get the ombré effect. It's very easy to use and give you a very clean ombré result. 


Tadah! My ocean ombré gel nail art. 

Product I used :-

Base - Missu Beauty (UK)
Strengthener - Missu Beauty (UK)
1st coat - Nude colour gel no. NC08 (RM8)
2nd-4th coat - Che gel no. LV030 (blue colour) (RM16)
Ring finger nail - dried flower blue colour (RM8)
Top cost - Missu Beauty (UK)

Closer look of the dried flower.

Overall quite happy with the result. Hopefully the products I just bought can last long! Eventhough they are cheap la.

Thanks for reading!

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