28 May 2014

Colourful gradients leopard nail art

This was done on the day of our Malaysia Team's final battle with Japan for Thomas Cup.

Yup.. at first I was preparing to create a Thomas Cup nailart.... But sadly after 2nd Match, was too disappointed to do so jor. Cos chances to win the Cup was getting lesser and I didn't want later the nail art remind me of the sad day.

So I done a simple mani art for Mum instead.. just to "distract" me to shout #$%^& at the TV!! LOL

Leopard pattern was quite norm in nail art world. But honestly I never done it before. Yet it was super simple todo.

For the base I combined few colours to make the gradient more colourful. Sponge it and later add in the leopard pattern.

Quite happy with the result. But hate the cleaning part of the sponge effect. As you can see from the photo, I done a terrible job of cleaning the sides. (~_~)

Happy trying!

The products I used, Pink, Yellow, Orange and blue nail lacquer was TheFaceShop which including the black nail pen. The apple green was bought from recent Beauty Fair @ KLCC and the mini orange nail lacquer was OPI - from James Bond set. And lastly the sponge that I used to create the gradient effect.

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