08 May 2014

Blinking pedi ♥

I think this was the first time post my pedi. Honestly I rarely do anything fancy to my toes. Since a simple polish can last me at least a month. 

But I really like this one, everytime I look down, awww my toes look so pretty. It gave a very snowy feeling. So dreamy. ♥♥

But when I took the photo, omg, my feet really in terrible state!! Wuahahaha so ignore my ugly toes but enjoy the simple pedi I done. 

The snow white was bought from a USA indie nail polish maker. She has a monthly mystery box sold at usd20 but the postage to malaysia (as always) cost a bomb, usd14.  I want to blog about it but unfortunately all my photos taken during unboxing was stupidly deleted jor!! So now, too lazy todo again. 

The glitter transparent nail polish was OPI, bought at Shins at 5% discount. 


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