24 March 2015

Polka-Dot Black Transparent Nail Art

I admired those lace nail art done by others. But really wondering how they did it. I mean how to get the transparent black colour. As normal black polish won't give you such result. 

Finally I saw a tutorial where one of the nail artist taught it by mixing the transparent top coat with the black colour nail polish. Ratio : 6:1... err around la. For me it was more of trial and error to get the perfect shade of light black.

However I did not use the top coat to create this mani, I tried using the nail polish thinner, where I found more economical. You just need a drop of thinner and a coat of black colour. Voila, easy as ABC. lol 

Dipped the polka dot using the same black colour. Then later used a thin brush to draw a line around the nail. Done. 

Base & Top coat : Seche 
Black colour : OPI 4 in the morning (Satin coat)

Ohh I found the nail polish thinner at Daiso. So RM5 only. So beside this, you can dilute or save your old nail polish. Please don't use the nail polish remover to dilute the nail polish. It will only gave a temporary watery result. So definitely a No No.

The tools that I used.

Enjoy trying!