01 December 2013

Sally Hansen nail care

I saw a Sasa's post at FB where they are having a weekend sales last week.

There are a list of items of Sally Hansen on 30% sales.

I was actually debating which one to buy, Hard As Nail Wrap Gel or Miracle Care for Severe Problem Nail. But since I really do need something as a base to make my nails stronger, so I bought the 1st one, cheaper also. Hehe

Gel Cuticle Remover - RM21 after 30% discount
Hard As Wrap - RM28 after 30% discount.

Gel cuticle remover was easy to use, just apply it around the cuticle, wait for 1-2 min,  push the cuticle away and lastly wash the excess with warm and soapy water. It was formulated with Jojoba and Kiwi extract and Wheat Protein,was suppose to condition and loosen the dry cuticle.

Hard as nail lagi easy, apply 1 coat on your nail. 1 coat is very sufficient jor.

I'm not satisfied with the cuticle remover. It doesn't clean up my cuticle nicely. It advised not to use it more than twice. 

However the Hard as nail is totally effective.It's a very powerful acrylic to strengthen the nail. And very fast dry also. So u can skip those acrylic gel coat and UV light nail dryer. A beautiful innovation isn't it? 

Hopefully with it, I can start to have longer nails ♥


Anonymous said...

I can't keep long nails. Really not used to it. Feel very uneasy likedat :-p

maggie woo said...

Me too. especially when typing time, really troublesome. however d worst case it's when they started to break off. :( I really have a weak nails

Fishy Ash said...

I too don't keep long nails, don't like that kind of feeling especially when I scratch. Hahaha.
Oh ya, I don't know how to remove the cuticles ler. And I'm very scared to do it on my own.

maggie woo said...

Hi Ashley, hmm I hardly come around those work in office with long nail. Guess we deal with alot of typing and paperwork.

But scratch???? Eeee apa u scratch on woh. Sound so geli. Hehe

Haha no need la, pay for it, since now basic pedi really cheap. :)