24 March 2015

Polka-Dot Black Transparent Nail Art

I admired those lace nail art done by others. But really wondering how they did it. I mean how to get the transparent black colour. As normal black polish won't give you such result. 

Finally I saw a tutorial where one of the nail artist taught it by mixing the transparent top coat with the black colour nail polish. Ratio : 6:1... err around la. For me it was more of trial and error to get the perfect shade of light black.

However I did not use the top coat to create this mani, I tried using the nail polish thinner, where I found more economical. You just need a drop of thinner and a coat of black colour. Voila, easy as ABC. lol 

Dipped the polka dot using the same black colour. Then later used a thin brush to draw a line around the nail. Done. 

Base & Top coat : Seche 
Black colour : OPI 4 in the morning (Satin coat)

Ohh I found the nail polish thinner at Daiso. So RM5 only. So beside this, you can dilute or save your old nail polish. Please don't use the nail polish remover to dilute the nail polish. It will only gave a temporary watery result. So definitely a No No.

The tools that I used.

Enjoy trying!

14 February 2015

Valentines Nail Art 2015

Happy Valentine's Day to All!!

Been together for 15 years, Valentine's Day to me was just another day. Yet I still bugged hubby to go for dinner celebration at least! But as i remember last few years V-day had been crashed with CNY 15th Chop Goh Mei. 

Anyhow this was my Valentines Nail Art for this year.

Coffee , Tea or Me????!!

Just done, so now rushing to shower and prepared abit for Valentine Outing! Yay Yay.

So Wish U guys have a blast no matter how U celebrate it. So long U treasure each other!

05 February 2015

Henna!! My First Attempt Trying

Phoenix design

Those who dunno me much, have no idea how obsessed I was with Henna. But sadly due to work, I don't think it is wise for me to have it draw on my hand constantly. Didn't think Henna was a common "accessories" for Chinese. 

Plus I always thought it was an expensive pleasure to have Henna art. Cos my first Henna cost me a freaking RM220! But then the fee included travelling to my house and it was meant for my wedding. So splurge abit la. Hubby paid..so didn't bother. LoL

My wedding Henna

Then my 2nd was done in India. Yes I been to India, cos one of my childhood dream was to visit Taj Mahal. Well, Taj Mahal never disappoint, it was a magnificent historical building. Only the area was full with tourist traps. So abit sien. 

Okay back to my Henna experiences. Hmm mine was done in a middle of market center on my birthday night in year 2010. I think at New Delhi. Our driver was kind enough to bargain the price for us, But then ended up the guys (yup Indian guys) did a very lousy job. But they were very fast!! I think in 15min finish for both hand. If not mistaken, it was around RM40-50/- .

My idea Henna experience

Then after that I tried few flee markets by Indian also. But those were very cheap, RM6-12. Sadly none can last more than 1 weeks. And their skills were so so. Very rough.

So I decided to buy the Henna cone and do it myself.

Well, my 1st attempt was not that shady right. But after tried it, hahaha let me more appreciated those Henna artist. Cos like tattoo, you really can't made any mistake. So I got really tense while drawing it.

I didn't diy my own Henna paste, I bought it from @meeqashi (from Instagram). Delivery fast. But couldn't really comment on her quality, since this was my first purchase. I bought 4 colours, dark red, maroon, pink and black. Only tried dark red & maroon, so far both was easy to use. But dunno bcos of the brand problem, dark red was more hard, while the maroon was more liquid, which make the line abit harsh.

I store it in a Tupperware, hopefully can make it last longer.

All of them was RM4/- each, except pink was RM5/-
The empty bottle was RM10/- which you can use it if you find the cone hard to maneuver. I haven't use it cos so far I think I still can managed it. Mine included postage was RM33/-
If you are interested to buy, you may watsap the seller - Meeqashi 013-5893461 & visit her Instagram for more products.

Then I google abit for more information, cos I knew sometime Henna quality was not the main issue to have a long lasting stain on your skin. Skin type play a major role also. So diff individual have diff effect even using the same Henna paste. 

So here is the steps to have good colour stain (from @royal_mehndi)
1) Seal henna with Lemon & Sugar paste when your Henna dry
2) Leave it for around 6-8 hours b4 scrape off the henna
3) Avoid water for at least 24 hours

Then some said it likes heat, funny was I really went to "heat up" my palm after I done.

Ohh ya, some said Black Henna was very dangerous, it said it was make of synthetic coal tar dye which can caused scar and bad effect on your skin. I guess like Hair dye, never dye your hair black, cos this colour is the worst!

I practice on a cardboard first before start on my palm. Got myself familiar with the flow and pressure of the cone. 

Aiyo even draw the head also very tense. lol. Scare my design senget jor.

Done!! But see the yellow stain? I did remind myself to stay away from water, just didn't realise holding a can of Coke could caused this. Bleh.

You could see that mine was not thick like others. At first I was worry the colour won't stay on my skin. Ehhh but after they peel off, Okay woh. The colour was very dark. Hahaha dunno bcos of the Henna cone quality or the heat really work. Ohh, I did put some oil on my skin before start drawing.

Well overall, the henna stayed on for 5 days. I guess bcos palm was more easy to get lighter. Since we wash hands alot....so 5 days.. abit short from my expectation. Oh well, nothing perfect. lol.

Here was my video on my first attempt drawing Henna. Enjoy!!

01 February 2015

Chinese New Year Nail Art 2015

Yay!! Finally I have time todo Nail Art. Lol

Been busy since New Year. Anyway this was my first CNY nail art attempt. Hopefully I have more time for few more. 

The design was inspired by @flickanail , a Japanese Manicurist. Honestly there were tonne of inspiration from Instagram. 

But let me introduced a nail art fountain pen. I recently purchased a fountain pen from @stylishnailartshop . She sell alot of different type of nail art brush, few fountain pen and nail art ink. Check it out. Eventhough the brand she carried was a Taiwan brand, Just Nail. However her service was top notch. Actually this was my 2nd time purchase, and everytime she delivered quickly and included lovely free gifts. Hehe. 

It was really easy to use. Honestly I have never been able to write such a small words before. But with this fountain pen, it was an easy task. But sadly I mistaken purchase a white colour instead of black!! Aiks. 

Nude Colour - OPI Otherwise Engaged
Red Colour - Essie Snap Happy
Gritter - Kleancolor Santa Fe Springs
For words and painting - I used the fountain pen and a Pure Color Glamor No. 1 brush (bought from @sytlishnailartshop also)