05 October 2013

My first sewing machine! [2015 RM25 voucher inside!!]

I think been awhile I beg hubby to buy me a sewing machine.  But he always said it was unnecessarily household thingy. Plus a branded one like Brother or Singer, cheapest cost RM600. 

Anyway I dunno why suddenly I went to browse Lazada website and found Global brand! Ok, I'm dunno the brand, but the reviews were pretty good. Then it was only RM169.00. So I thought it was not a too much gamble if I purchase it online without first testing.

Offered at discounted price of RM169.00 which included delivery. 1 year warranty stated (parts half year, labour 1 year). I signed up their newsletter which entitled me a RM10.00 further discount. RM159.00 was the cheapest price I could find, I found one seller at Mudah.com at RM199.00, then numerous online sellers ranging from RM230.00 to RM500.00.

Ohh Lazada do offer few machines, Global has 3 models, GSM-338 (RRM115.40), GSM-505 (RM169.00) and GL-SM010 (RRM369.00)... here is the link.

Currently it was out of stock again! So do keyin your email add on the "Notify me" box. And buy it when you received their email of re-stock notice.

Finally I received the parcel on Friday, after 4 days... hmm maybe I chosen COD, cos  I read almost all reviews stated received it on the next of day of order :(

The size is just right, not too big nor small, 4.5kg. Cos if too small and light, it will easily move around when you do sewing. Then it has 8 different stitch patterns, foot pedal, automatic rewind and built-in light. Pretty cool for a simple machine.

The back view. It got more small features, aiks but read it from Lazada spec la, too lazy to type all. LoL.

For those who never touch a sewing machine b4, no worry, it got a manual book show the instruction on how to operate the machine. Since this one is a basic, so you just need to know how to insert the thread and the bobbin. But as you can see from the photo, there got mark 1, 2, 3, 4, the way where the thread should go until the needle. 

I am happy with it, I tried it for > 5hours, it didn't give me any problem, it was smooth, easy to maneuver using the foot petal and the stitches was pretty neat.

Most awesome thing is, it fix into my storage box perfectly! 

My first project! A coin bag. Haha not bad right? 

I totally recommended this model for a simple sewing purposes. Hmm I couldn't compare it with other, cos the only decent machine I used b4 was my mum antique sewing machine, you know those table type, and it was ages ago. No kidding, that was  when I were Form 2 student doing school project. But for RM160.00, it is a good buy! ♥

Other crafts project I done so far :-
Mini card holder
Small wrislet 
Mini Coin Bag
DIY Banner - Hello Kitty Theme (New! Mar 2015)

Video on how to use the bobbin winder

First, please pardon my voice and language. Honestly this was my first time taken a video tutorial, really dunno what to say. lol.

In the video, I heard myself keep on repeated "quite easy, quite easy"!! *paiseh*

 Anyhow hope the instruction was clear and help you guys!

Hello everyone!! Good news to those who been eyeing these sewing machine for sometime, Lazada is given out a RM25/- voucher for min purchase of RM150!!! So grab this opportunity for lowest price! 

Just click on the link below and made you purchase on this coming 27th!! Don't miss it!

Lazada Malaysia


connie kkn said...

Wah Maggie, nice work, really make me feel so tempted to buy a machine lorrrrr....make me spent money again...

maggie woo said...

Wuahahah, at least I surveyed a cheap one. Save all your work!

Anonymous said...

Wahhh....it had been decades since the last time I use sewing machine. And those days were those antique manual type. BTW...the coin purse looks nice...Quite neat also ar... Moreover the cloth design also nice :-)

maggie woo said...

Thanks Mel!

Hahaha those times I think most of us sure got played mummy's sewing machine!

Zuraidah Butang said...

so, how's the performance soo far? The price is alright I guess.

maggie woo said...

Hi Zuraidah,

So far so good. But note that I'm not a heavy user ★

Javeriya Crafts said...

Hi Maggie! First of all thanks for the detailed review with such great pictures. It's really helpful. And your sewing skills are AMAZING! Because the purse turned out great. Thirdly I wanted to ask how long did it take for them to restock the machine after you filled out the notification reminder? Because I'm in a hurry and I want the machine by 7th January. :(

maggie woo said...

Hi, Javeriya,

I suggest u email or give them a call, cos for this one, I only waited for few says, but another model, I received the email notification of restock after 2months. So I don't think they got a fixed period.

7th really rush lor. Anyway good luck on finding a new sewing machine.

Javeriya Crafts said...

Oh! I'll definitely call them. Thanks for the quick reply. :)

maggie woo said...

U r most welcome! ! ♥

limecity said...

Hi, thanks for posting this.
was looking for a review on this machine.

Just want to ask if you tried sewing jeans with it? does it get through?

maggie woo said...

Hi Limecity,

Greating to u. Hehe

ooo never woh. cos honestly the given needle was not tat strong. unless u can find a good replacement of it. I did try to sew a leather and cloth on top (double layer) ... can go thru easily. But if too thick it get stuck alot.. u have to drag it alot.Good luck!

PwettyPearl said...

oh my! i never had a chance to buy this item. each time they notified me and im about to purchase this model, they oredi sold out, haha! i reli want dis sewing machine so badly, huhu!

maggie woo said...

Huh so fast sold out??!

I bought it quite immediately after received the email, like bought it in 20min. Lol.

Nvm, be patience, I m sure next time u will manage to grab it.

Ato z said...

Hi maggie..
how thick a cloth dat the machine can go thru.. mayb if wndow curtain no problemo at all ..coz wanna hv one of it..

maggie woo said...

Hello Ato,

hmm i dunno how thick is ur curtain material. but if like Ikea's, yes, no problem. but if like super thick sold at Kamtar (like jean type).....err i doubt ler. i worry u only spoil d machine

Ato z said...

Cant afford lor if thick like jeans... the one dat cost rm5 per meter can la.. if like Ikea..dats quite thick. So i think mine hv no problem la if like dat... tq so much for super fast replied.... heheh.. will buy one for begginer like me...

Ato z said...

Err.. hw about the thread on top..refillable o need to buy new one.

Ato z said...

Seem like .. dat u the one who sell it.. a lot of Q frm me...haha... sorry..

maggie woo said...

Hahaha no worry, sharing infor.

Yes, d thread is refillable.

Honestly, if comparing this one with those singer type, sure cannot compare la, expensive one much easier to maneuver and sturdy.

But this price, it is good enough for small craft n basic sewing. Cos for bigger craft like bag, I worry d result wont be that strong to hold the weight.

fizariza5157 said...

Hi maggie.. nice coin bag.. :) just want to ask about the zip.. is the mini sewing machine provide the zipper foot @ need to buy separately?

maggie woo said...

Hi fizariza

Issit the small plate attached to the needle? not sure tat one is called zipper foot. Ha. sorry.

fizariza5157 said...

hehe.. its ok.. just asking..

i.am.miyeko said...

Hi there! How often do you use your sewing machine? Is it still "alive" now? I'm considering a cheap sewing machine from Lazada as well, but I'm a bit skeptical if you get what I mean.

maggie woo said...

HI Miyeko

Honestly I seldom use it. Currently really have no leisure to work on my diy stuff. hmm i think d no. of usage till todate are less than 10 times.

Frankly speaking u get what u paid. U cant expect a long lifespan for the low price u paid.. i think just like the China made products Vs Japan made products. But like I said b4, if u not a heavy usage..just use it for hobbies, this machine is a good one for beginner. Once u got a hang on it..then buy a better n stable one like brother or singer.
that time Spotlight Msia offered Brother/singer as low as RM399 on their opening promotion. I think Lazada now also selling a cheaper Brother range. Good choice if u worry on this machine's durability. ~ Cheers ~

i.am.miyeko said...

I'm not exactly a beginner, neither am I using it as a hobby, but I was exploring the possibilities of getting a low-end sewing machine. But I guess you are right about getting what you pay for. Thank you for the suggestions and reply.

Good day.

Michelle Chai said...

Hello! was just wondering, how did you sew the zipper without a zipper foot? :)

maggie woo said...

Hi Michelle

Sorry for the late reply. But eerr about this technical q. Honestly I dunno how to answer. Sorry! maybe you should google it. :P

Ragupriya Priya said...

Hi Maggie..
First of all, I am a fan of your blog.. second of all I decided to buy the same sewing machine after reading about it here.. So far so good.. but I only have one problem.. I can't seem to thread my bobbin properly using the automatic bobbin winder.. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.. have you done it before? If yes, please give me the instruction as the manual is pretty confusing! Thanks gal..

maggie woo said...

Fan??? Wah u really make me super happy. I dunno I have much fan.

First of all, must say tq!!

2ndly, congrats! U bought a new sewing machine! Lol

For your Q, I used d bobby winder few times without any problem woh. Hmm but lately I m abit bz with accounts, c maybe next week I try to load a video on how to use d winder here.

Wait ah. *Patience Patience*

Ragupriya Priya said...

Thank you very much :-) Do post the video soon. By the way, I think you should claim royalty from the Global company... He he he... Cheers!

maggie woo said...

Hahaha I only been contacted by Lazada to change d link. Aiks I really should ask for special discounts coupon for my readers. ^^

Ato z said...

Me oso a fan of u maggie(do gv me some coupon frm lazada if they gv u some k.hahha)...
Agreed wt Ragupriya..do upload it as soon as possible... me oso dunno how the winder works.err i mean how to work wt the bobbin winder. Hehe. N where to find xtra thread ..xtra color.. that small thingy..a bit hard to find here in kedai kedai pralatan jahit in sabah.. actually my machine is OMI 505.. i think cousin to global 505..hahah.

Ato z said...

Uwaaa got problem wt my 3days machine.. bobin oredi load properly aftr replacing it. But aftr a few second.. machine get stuck.. when i pulled the cloth.. i saw bobbin thread stucked inside the bobbin 'home'.. dunno what that thingy called..

maggie woo said...

Hi Gals

I finally posted the video la!! sorry for the delay. I have to many stuff going on. Anyhow check out the video, see was this one requested by u.

hello, stuck?? hmm your bobbin thread too loose? or maybe ur cloth was not running smoothly, like sewing at the same place, no moving... so try to drag ur cloth onward (slowly la).

lee san said...

may i know is the package include any extra footer? as i now GL-SM2010 do include a hem footer

maggie woo said...

Hi Lee San

Nope. No extra footer.

shakinakush said...

I am not able to view the video. Can u please not make it private ? :) a total beginner myself and bought it just because i felt like i want to sew my own nursing cover and who know if i really enjoy it i might consider to sew a baby blanket and pillow covers. Baby is due in may so i have a month and a half left! Haha.

maggie woo said...

hi shakinakush ,

I have no idea that the "private status" in my account would prevent my blog showing error. I tot i have tested it !!! ehhhhh.. truly sorry, first time dealing with Youtube posting. :(

ohhhh wah. 1 & 1/2 month.. and you still got energy to do sewing when u r heavily pregnant. salute salute.

u try the youtube again. i have made it to public status.

TQ for reading! and wish u all the best on your bb delivery.Take K.