29 November 2014

Fujifilm Instax Printer SP-1

Firstly I would like to mention that this printer was not mine, I borrowed it from one of my ex-colleague.

I just want to rant certain issue and highlighted few points for those who wish to buy.

But I no expert. Just sharing my experience using it only. However I totally open to suggestions and tips, cos my ex-colleague until now still has trouble to print the perfect photo. So am I!! lol

Anyhow I did plan to buy it, but then I didn't realize the price tag was RM500++ . Retail RM690, but online mostly offered ranging from RM520 to RM580 with free film.

I think if you top up another rm200 you can purchase a much decent normal photo printer. So why choose this one instead??

Here was some minor features. 

The lights indicated the number of instax film left and the battery level.
No cartridge needed as the concept like Polaroid Camera, the ink was from the film. 

The battery. It has the charger included..but my ex-colleague left it out when she loan the camera to me. 

You just need to download an app "Instax Share" and you are good to go.

However do edit your photos in your handphone or pc first, cos the app doesn't have much edit choices. 

So here was my dilemma, my biggest frustration using it was the photo printout result.

This was a Instax Printer, so the print out should be like Instax Polaroid Camera.

Why I said "should be" cos I was using my photos taken by handphone and normal camera. So getting the same "photos" was not a easy fest.

Either the photo printout too light or the colour too dull. I tried to edit it to High Contract, High Saturation, it came out funny. If no edit, lagi teruk, the colour was flat.

So at the end, I changed it to Lomo effect. And with no filter. *once choose intelligence filter, the effect look brighter, Nice on the phone, but suck when printed (too bright!). lol

But my sample below was with Intelligence Filter.

I asked my ex-colleague why she want to buy it considering the price was not cheap. I mean why not just purchase a Polaroid Camera, since RM500+ can get a very good one and cuter. 

Here was the reasons she gave me :-
1. Can print out a same photo repeatedly, especially gathering time, few friends want the same piece. Plus you can edit it before send for printing.
2. Easy to use, no cable needed - with WiFi function to connect the printer
3. Portable and small - can carry it out and put in a handbag.
4. Can print photos taken by Handphone or normal camera.
5. No cartridge needed

No argument on the above points. 

However here was my "Cons"
1. Expensive considering 1 film cost at least RM2.20 (if you could get one box of film at RM22)
2. The printout can only tuned to Lomo effect. I saw online with very sharp and nice normal photo, but sorry lor, after trying for at least 10 photos, I still couldn't get the best print.
3. Price of the printer - this was my major turnoff.
4. No idea why, but I do prefer those instant printout from Polaroid Camera, way nicer. Especially the lighting.

Back to back, my major frustration was the print, if I could edit the photo to match the printer, I would love to own one, but until then, Nah. Ende. 

Merry Xmas to All in advance! HoHoHoHo!