10 April 2013

Tribal Black & White nail art

 ♥ Accessorize with my favourite MNG bangle ♥

Using the white colour as base colour, I draw the tribal pattern on my finger nail with black dot pen. Both is from TheFaceShop.

Basically, you can draw any design you like. You don't necessary have to copy any model, just draw geometrically will do. For my pinky, I draw a love shape pattern ♥.

For the reverse white dot, just use whatever pin you have, dig it into the white nail polish and voila, you got the perfect dot pattern. So save the money from buying any dot tools. 

Finally, seal it with a top coat. My base and top coat are OPI. 


Anonymous said...

You are really an art person.
Lei hou yau sum kei to do ur nails le...

mei kei aka maggie said...

Hahaha Mel, thanks for your compliment.
Nola. Simple design only. Plus the nail dot pen really easy to maneuver.

Anonymous said...

Wah Maggie, the design is really nice, you are so creative. Can open shop ady

kel'ly Khoong said...

Yo :O vy impressive, can do for me?

mei kei aka maggie said...

Hahaha sure sure np. "P