10 May 2013

Bunny Nail Art

I saw lotsa diy animal pattern online. So I decided to try one of them yesterday night, from 11pm till wee hour of 2am. Hubby already snoozeeeeeee jor. Haha ignore the number of hours I had taken, cos in between I was watching a movie (or 2). See how unconcentrated I am!

Bunny! Super cute. But on my finger nail... hmm hard to praise my work.
Cos from cute bunny, I painted a very cheeky looking one. 

The photo is not my credit. Save it online. But then forgot the web name. My appologies.

So if you would like to try it, make sure you have a long finger nail. If not, later yours will be like mine; long rabbit head but short face.

I used a fine brush to paint. Unless you have a lotsa colour of nail pen, a brush will do fine.

After done, coat it with OPI top coat. The result will be smoother.

Enjoy trying!!

Colours that I used, ops forgot to put in the white @_@
All is TheFaceShop.


Anonymous said...

Draw till wee hours?! I salute you la...nice work though. Next time if I happens to c any nice pattern, I share to you ;-)

Unknown said...

hahaha very distracted with d dvd .

wah , do share. thanks in advance!!!