29 March 2013

TheFaceShop - nail polish

Suddenly itchy to paint my nail, yet my collection of nail polish kind of old jor (almost half of it went hard! *sad*)

Anyway went to Mahkota Cheras's Jusco branch to purchase some basis nail polish colour. 

Ohh dunno they are having sales now.

On top of 10% discount,  got buy 2 free 1 promotion!! 

28 March 2013

Welcome to Mei Kei aka Maggie

Welcome to my bubbling blog, talking about everything under the sun!

Last time I was parking at Multiply.com, but since now it had closed, here I am.

I am married for 3 years now already, hopefully still counting for many many years to come... but childless by our own choice.

I am working at an accounting firm.... every morning I am pondering what the hell I am doing accounts for living. It's not my first love but I dont hate it. Actually sometimes it's quite interesting to see how a business doing. And sometimes it's very frustrated to deal with a "nonsense" client. (A curse word is better to describe my feeling toward them!!!!  LOL)But we got to eat right??!

My first love is painting, but long time I din't paint anything. Anyway, hopefully in one fine day, I will pick up the brush again, hehe probably after I sorted all my "unfinished projects".

A ring pillow i had done for my dear friend's ROM