23 February 2014

Owl Nail Art with Ciate

I went to Sephora, KL yesterday. Hehe I love going to Sephora, not for shopping but for nail polish swatches! I can do all ten finger and yet no one bother to disturb me like pestering me to buy anything.

Ok, I'm cheapstake... hmm I should say like one of the blogger I read recently. "I'm not cheapstake but I'm poor" This part true also. LoL

All was Ciate Nail Polishes

Anyhow I love the Ciate nail polish. But eehh RM53 per bottle, neh. However I was not going to waste the lovely polishes. So I painted some branches and simple flower on it. The Owl is a water sticker.

I got tonnes of water nail decal bought from Taobao. They were cheap. A small sheet cost less than RM1.00. 

This is my latest nail art. I still have alot unloaded yet. So for those who love to see more and updated one, please follow my instagram account. Cos sometimes I just too lazy to blog it.

~ Cheers ~

11 February 2014

TV Accent Nail Art

This was my 2nd box from Scratch.it. Ya... a big dig in my wallet but I think it was worth it.
Here is my first box review

For this Jan 14 mani box, 3 special gifts was given. A silver nail polish, a "spec" midi ring and a fine nail art brush. 

I used the silver nail polish as base colour and its nail art brush to paint my middle ring's nail art. I love the nail art brush cos it was fine enough to paint the small detail on the nail. Quite glad to own it and to add it to my nail brush collection (^^) 

Photo by Scatch.it.
As always, 3 new pattern of nail wraps were featured in this mani box; Public service announcement; Stargazer Lily; and Fly by Night.

*Ahem* I tagged my result on the Instagram and earned me a feature on their own account. Got 299 likes! Okay, it was not much compare to others, but I was really happy lor. At least have some recognition on my works. 

Here is the website if you wish to subscribe for their mani boxes.
To subscribe :-