23 February 2014

Owl Nail Art with Ciate

I went to Sephora, KL yesterday. Hehe I love going to Sephora, not for shopping but for nail polish swatches! I can do all ten finger and yet no one bother to disturb me like pestering me to buy anything.

Ok, I'm cheapstake... hmm I should say like one of the blogger I read recently. "I'm not cheapstake but I'm poor" This part true also. LoL

All was Ciate Nail Polishes

Anyhow I love the Ciate nail polish. But eehh RM53 per bottle, neh. However I was not going to waste the lovely polishes. So I painted some branches and simple flower on it. The Owl is a water sticker.

I got tonnes of water nail decal bought from Taobao. They were cheap. A small sheet cost less than RM1.00. 

This is my latest nail art. I still have alot unloaded yet. So for those who love to see more and updated one, please follow my instagram account. Cos sometimes I just too lazy to blog it.

~ Cheers ~


Fishy Ash said...

Aiyoo.... I really salute you lah.... you really got the patience to do this ler. For me to do nail color is already a chore, i just simply paint it on only. Hahahaha. Next time if we get to meet, I'll bring my nail color and ask you help me draw. LOL!

maggie woo said...

Hahaha I dont mind.

Hopefully we can meet someday. ^-^

Fishy Ash said...

Sure can. Can arrange one. :D