27 October 2013

Vanity Trove's Halloween challenge

My Halloween nail art!!

Spent few hours on it, much to my hubby annoying. 

Anyway, Vanity Trove is having a contest for Halloween theme, post it at VanityTrove.com and hashtag it with #VTMY and #Halloween, either makeup or nail art. 

Contest end on 7th Nov 2013. (Futher information pls refer to the below photo)

The most "Like" will win the contest. 

05 October 2013

My first sewing machine! [2015 RM25 voucher inside!!]

I think been awhile I beg hubby to buy me a sewing machine.  But he always said it was unnecessarily household thingy. Plus a branded one like Brother or Singer, cheapest cost RM600. 

Anyway I dunno why suddenly I went to browse Lazada website and found Global brand! Ok, I'm dunno the brand, but the reviews were pretty good. Then it was only RM169.00. So I thought it was not a too much gamble if I purchase it online without first testing.

Offered at discounted price of RM169.00 which included delivery. 1 year warranty stated (parts half year, labour 1 year). I signed up their newsletter which entitled me a RM10.00 further discount. RM159.00 was the cheapest price I could find, I found one seller at Mudah.com at RM199.00, then numerous online sellers ranging from RM230.00 to RM500.00.

Ohh Lazada do offer few machines, Global has 3 models, GSM-338 (RRM115.40), GSM-505 (RM169.00) and GL-SM010 (RRM369.00)... here is the link.

Currently it was out of stock again! So do keyin your email add on the "Notify me" box. And buy it when you received their email of re-stock notice.

Finally I received the parcel on Friday, after 4 days... hmm maybe I chosen COD, cos  I read almost all reviews stated received it on the next of day of order :(

The size is just right, not too big nor small, 4.5kg. Cos if too small and light, it will easily move around when you do sewing. Then it has 8 different stitch patterns, foot pedal, automatic rewind and built-in light. Pretty cool for a simple machine.