27 May 2017

Modern Lettering with watercolour bird wreath


Since like ages I wrote something with nibs pen. 

I'm not really good with calligraphy, I consider myself a beginner but I truly loved the easy flow of the flexible nibs. I wish I was introduced with this type of nibs during my school years, then I might be an expect now! Lol. 

"Coming together is a beginning
  Keeping together is a progress
  Working together is a success"
By Henry Ford

Stumpled upon this quote while watching Criminal Minds (Season 11)

I used Brause Extra fine 66 nibs for this meaningful quote. Bought it from Stickerrific.com., an online art store in Malaysia. 


It's really flexible and ahem fragile. Lol. Cos it bend so easily, I'm bit worry it will break off. Actually I think I did broke it cos at the end of this handwriting, the ink was stuck. 🤦🏼‍♀️


Honestly I am truly un-creative. But no shame on it. #takmalu

Cos there is tonne and tonne of beautiful creation can be found online, especially Instagram and Pinterest!


Loved this (@estherpeck at IG) but didn't really want to spend too much time on the bird. 

So later found this. Perfect for simple wreath I planned. But I paint 2 birds instead of one. As Chinese fengshui said, everything must be in pair! Lol


And this ! Simple design that I don't think I can go wrong with it. Hehe (Both from Pinterest under watercolour flower wreath search)


Tadah! A midnight drawing to cure my insomnia. 💆🏻

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