04 December 2013

Giveaway by Craft Passion!

OMG u guy should totally join this Giveaway or at least visit her blog. 

She has tonne of free tutorials of craft handiwork with detail photos and instructions. So far I have tried one only, the simple shopping bag. Hehe result oklar, but really looking forward to make the zipper card pouch and the macaroon coin pouch (as per photo of The Star).

Actually I just got to know her thru The Star, she was featured on 11th Sept 2013.  Trained as an Engineering yet has spare time doing crafts, beside taking care of her 2 children. Really salute her dedication!

In total there will be 20 giveaways,  so try your luck! And pray pray I'll win! Hahah dream also can mah ♥

Ohh almost forgot, here is the link. Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Macaroons coin purse? Too cute...
Wish you best of luck, Mag!!

maggie woo said...

Thanks Mel!!

Yawoh, so many cute things in her blog!! Esh, tangan gatal. Lol