14 December 2013

ModelsOwn Colour Swatch

I bought a Duo Nail Polish and a Nail Art Pen from Luxola.com when they were having Cyber sales of 35%. Pretty good deal if u ask me. So do sign up their newsletter if u haven't done so, since they always have an on&off promotion and special gifts upon purchase.

The Duo colour I bought is Jade Flakes, combination of Jade Stones (NP083) and Snowflakes (NP145). 

I love the Jade Stones, with only One coat, it gave a solid jade colour.  So it compensated the small bottle. 

However I was disappointing with the Snowflakes. I failed to achieve a perfect coat with it glitter. If I put more than 2 coats, it gave alot of small bubbles. Really frustrated with it. When I paint it on a clear surface, the effect was still okay, however on top of Jade coat, errrr it was abit disaster.

I like a duo nail polish, cos it is cheaper! I mean 2 colours for a price of 1 bottle. I hardly can finish a full size unless it is a basis colour. But I don't like to buy a small bottle, cos u will ended up with a small brush which it is quite troublesome to apply.

So definitely I will buy other colours in future, but currently most of range were sold out, so wait for Luxola.com to re-stock la.

For the Nail Art Pen, I bought the gold. Other colours available are Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Silver. 

It has the fine brush and a thin nib pen. I prefer the thin nib, since it's easy to maneuver.  

The flow was good, however they were a fews clogging events...but with a light pumping on the body, the flow came back smoothly.

I wish they included a thin needle, just in case a serious clog happened on the nib.

I used to buy those cheap nail pen at Pasar Malam, like 3 pens for RM10. But errr, they dry up too fast. Maybe 3-4 times usage, it was gone case jor. :(

So far the pen hasn't disappointed me yet, haha but maybe too early say now. However it is a good choice to me. 

U can get the nail polish from Luxola.com.

Delivery is free when u purchase more than RM40. Delivery time based on my experience is from 4-5 days.

Currently Luxola.com is having a Xmas promotion, a different free gifts for every day for purchase over RM110.00.

Selected free gift for 15.12.2013

Enjoy shopping!

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