27 November 2013

Smoothie Sweetie nail art

Super Cute mah??? lol

The smoothie was the nail wraps I got from Scratch's mani box.

The rest was just spontaneous created to match the colours.

As usual top and base coats was using OPI, all the nail polish (Basic Colour) was The Face Shop, except the glitter polish by Etude House "If the white witch".

The ribbon studs I bought eon ago at Pasar Malam.

Enjoy trying!

**sorry another delayed post** 


Anonymous said...

Wow...I really like your sketches la, Mag... :-)

maggie woo said...

Thanks Mel!

Constance Ant said...

wanted to try the stripes one since forever but ar my lazy bugs keep attacking me :(

nice nail art :)

maggie woo said...

Thanks Constance. If u have a steady hand, u can do without d stickers. Lagi fast.

Fishy Ash said...

I like the rainbow colors! My goodness Maggie, you are so artsy lah, can draw so well also! *Admires Maggie with sparkling blinking eyes*

maggie woo said...

Wah, if Ashley admire me, really big compliment woh.

Hahaa tqtq. But I'm just an average std, not as creative as others. :P