14 May 2014

Scratch.it ~ April 2014 mani box

This was the April mani box but only last few days I have time to use them. 

I love the pattern, but this round it was a transparent version. So it is best to put a colour nail lacqear as a base to enhance the nail wrap's pattern.

However no fuss, this round mani box has included 3 bottles of Color Club nail lacquers as free gifts.

I kind of fall in love with this brand of nail lacquer. It was smooth and only with 2 coats it look pretty sturdy.

After put on the nail wrap, the effect really diff!! I was totally in love with them! Ohh do aware that I mix 2 patterns together - Rising Sun & The Leaf

Closer shot to show how thin the nail wrap is.

Thanks for reading!

Details of Scratch :-
US$30 + International shipping US$8

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