02 December 2014

Mini Mani Manor - Ciate London Advent Calendar 2014

Yooooo I bought an early xmas present to myself! lol. Honestly festive season always an excuse for me to buy more stuff! 

But when I saw the email sent from Sephora on this box, ok woh. RM156 for total of 22 pieces Mini size (5ml) , 1 full size of Ciate London Nail polish and a piece of nail art sticker.

Not bad right? The colour were pretty festive with lotsa glitter polishes throw in.

Then the box was super cute and with every "window", a simple message was written. Since it was a advent calendar, haha maybe you could paint one colour on each day, start the countdown till Xmas! 

I haven't try a single one yet, but thinking use it (solely) to join the Dec 14 Nail Art at Instagram. C how la, worry later got too busy with works...then everything kapus again. Eish. Anyway the idea was fun. #superexcited 

Then with a purchase over RM120 (member), you  entitled a stamp for the Sephora Xmas Card. 2 stamps earned you a lucky draw gift and 4th for Sephora pouch and 6nd for the Sephora Bag. The promotion was running from 20/11 to 24/12. So quick quick go collect if you planning to buy xmas presents from Sephora.

But then since I writing this blog, let me rant abit. Actually I basically want to boikot the Sephora. Nothing big issue, just due to my own sensitivity (I was trying to be nice here).

When Sephora opened it's shop at KL, I was overly excited. I loved their concept, and the products they carried. I was not exactly a customer, basically I just run in, swatches few nail polish and be gone. So I have zero interaction with its girls. After that I started to made purchases, and later joined their member... then the problem arose. Lotsa promotion was carry on by Sephora from time to time. And I so envied some bloggers talking about the few gifts given during the promotion.. but when I went, to be specified, during the few months promotions on the Merdeka promotion. I got nothing, even the shops was not prepared for it. Then the whole scanning shit thing with the black card events, I was more piss off. How kiasu as I am, I'm still a customer to entitle to whatever shit you should be given to every single customer who patron your shop.

Hahaha I think I rant abit about it on certain blogger FB page. Truly sorry for that. 

Even for this Xmas card promotion, I have to specify asked for it during payment time. Seriously??? If a company was having the promotion, why its girl never takes the initiative to promote it?? You got tonne of them walking around, lepaking or even chitchatting among themselves. Everytime I have to ASK! Mean I have todo my research before I leave my door! For godsake, if you just want to have some gimmick to attract the customer to your shop then later totally ignore the promotion items, it was totally a pathetic marketing strategy.

Ohh I did want to clarify certain thing, beside the very obvious ignorance of the promotion by the girls Or the lack of effort. They were never rude to me, they were nice, no roll eyes or angry look given... some were even very helpful. So this was very weird. I dunno about others.. where they facing the same frustration like me? or just me only? Alone? Maybe. #supersad

Sorry for my blog, I realized 70% of it was written bcos I just want to rant! #bepositived

Anyhow back to the Ciate London. If you never try Ciate London (which was pretty good product but expensive due to Forex conversion), do buy this box set, totally worth it. Who needs full size if you just painting your nail for fun!

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Anonymous said...

That nail polish set is very nice! Reminds me of Barbie doll set with clothing & accessories. hehe....
I seldom shop at Sephora..so, din really follow the promo.