02 September 2014

Nails Inc. Denim Effect box set

Recently bought few nail polishes from Sephora during its Merdeka Promotion. One of it was the Nails Inc Denim Effect box set. 

I was really intrigued on the Denim lookalike Nail Polish colour. Wondering the effect really as nice as advertised.

So here is the box set item. Not much. But for Price RM31.00. Reasonable la. 

All the stuff found in the box.

The instruction on the box.
The ingredients details

With one coat only, the colour was really solid jor. Not bad at all!
Ops sorry. After done the nail art design , only remember to take photo on colour alone. So here were the 2 finger nail b4 nail art and 2 with Matte top coat finish.

I din't manage to use their nail glue bottle. Cos the bottle cap was super tight! Anyhow used mine.. and tadah.. here is my Mani for the denim effect nail polish. FYI the bottom of the bottle written :bermondsey No. 133. 

A simple mani. 
The nail stuff that I used to create this mani
From Left : White Nail pen, OPI Matte Top Coat and the Nails Inc. Denim Effect polish.

Honestly I do loved it. Easy to apply and with only 1 coat..save alot ler! But not fancy with the star stud. I have tonne of it.

Have fun with it if you decided to buy it.

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