04 September 2014

Butter London colour swatches

Butter London
This was my first purchase of Butter London. Yeeeeah. #pathetic lol 

Butter London is origin from UK. Currently I think in Malaysia only Sephora is carrying this brand. Price RM54-RM57 for nail lacquer.

I managed to grab 4 bottles during the recent Sephora Merdeka promotion of 2 for RM57.00 

Hmm I seldom do colour swatches. Cos felt it abit wasting polish. Like I have to literally wash it in a min after the photo shooting. I tried to paint one colour in a week..so later thought compile the photos later on. Sadly I'm not a very discipline person..so most of the time, I forgot about it jor. lol

But I have fun doing it. So plan todo it on weekly basis. #superexcited 

So here is the colour swatches. 

These are 11ml (4 fl oz) and are "3 Free" Aka No Formaldehyde, No Toluene and No DBP. (I think its todo with cancer causing chemicals). 

Butter London Brush

It's brush is smaller and thinner compare to OPI. Which is great to me, since I have a very small finger nail. Make applying so much easier.

Thanks for reading (^^)

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