25 October 2014

Halloween Nail Art (2014)

A very simple nail art I done. Hahahah it was not my design. I copy it from a online tutorial. 

Super simple. I basically done it in 20min. LoL. Since I was rushing for midnight movie. So the mani was covered without top coat which was fine with me since the OPI  black colour I used was Satin base. 

Photo courtesy from The Idea King (Facebook)

The nails tool I used, from Left ; Thefaceshop Black Nail Pen, O.P.I "My Boyfriend Scales Wall",O.P.I "4 In the Morning" and YCY Nail Art Stripping Brush in Bottle.

I found 2 more simple design. So Happy Trying!! & Happy Halloween!!


Anonymous said...

Really salute you with all the nail paintings and nail arts!!! Just to paint my nails nicely I also got impatient liao. Hahahaha. Oh ya, Maggie, since you always use nail polish, does it damage your nails? How you protect them? Do you use a better nail remover? I noticed my nails look dry and chapped every time I removed the nail polish. Don't know it's bcos of the nail polish or the remover.

maggie woo said...

Aiyo this one super simple.

Hmm my nail previously was fragile also. Therefore it make not much diff compare to now. But I do prefer those indie or nail polish that stated "3free".

I do think use good nail remover is better. I use Sally Hansen btw. And remember to put a base coat first to protect ur nails.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips. Ya, I do use base coat, so I think it's the remover punya pasal. I don't use nail polish frequent, so I thought remover just use cheaplak one can lah. LOL!

maggie woo said...

Ashley, hahah dunno how cheaplak was urs. lol